Project Description

Av. 9 d’Octubre, 7 46520 Port de Sagunt – Valencia

Telephone number: +34 962 655 859

Municipal ownership

Authorisations: 2 days

Recording: 24 hours


Behind is the Garden City: a residential area dating back to the 1920s that stands out from the rest of the town.

This area consists of 22 chalets or residential dwellings conceived for the factory’s middle managers (technical engineers) and residential mansions for its senior management. With wide roads and pavements and gardens with an array of plants, trees and bushes to ensure the family’s privacy, this was a restricted mobility and pedestrianised zone.

Scholars of the subject highlight the northern (Basque-Atlantic) character of these single-family semi-detached mansions, which are particularly unusual as a building model in Mediterranean regions. It is the result of a calculated plan to recreate aspects of the living conditions of Basque executives: both architecturally and in terms of the garden and residential areas.